Welcome to Utah Gem Puppies!

My name is Karsten and breeding quality family pets is my top priority!  When I began searching for a family pet years ago finding an ethical breeder was like finding a needle in a haystack.  Because of this I began my breeding program.  I’m here to help you stop wasting time, energy and money on breeders who don’t love dogs as much as you do— My breeding program will give your family the perfect dog.

How Utahgem Works

Utah Gem Puppies is an ethical breeder of some of the most popular dog breeds.  We work with qualified  families to determine which breed within our program meets their needs.  Once we agree on a breed we add you to our upcoming litter list and when the puppy is ready to go home it becomes a part of your family.


Step 1: Application

   Tell us a little about yourself and what type of pup you’re looking for. Discover the perfect pooch based on breed, size, gender, color and disposition.

Step 2:Evaluation

We evaluate your application and  profile to see if we have a puppy in our breeding program that meets your needs.

Step 3: Rehoming

The Utahgem Puppies application process is 100% free, now and always. After evaluation we discuss what we have available, rehoming fees and shipping arrangements. We’re here to help you meet your perfect puppy . Ready to meet your new best friend?

Featured Breeds

Not sure where to start? Take a look at some of our clients current favorite breeds, and get some ideas of your very own dream puppy.


Friendly, loving, cuddly teddy bears—Labradoodles are phenomenal companions and ideal family dogs


Smart, fluffy, affectionate…Goldendoodles have it all, and make the perfect addition to any family


Happy-go-lucky puppies with sweet dispositions that are impossible not to love, Bernedoodles make great  buddies


Poodles are famous for being fit for the royal family because of the coats and intelligence. Now you can get one!

Mini/ Micro Bernedoodles

The definition of affectionate and fun-loving, our micro bernedoodle pups are the perfect playmate for both kids and grown-ups.

French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are one of the most popular up-and-coming breeds out there. Learn all about the cute “Frenchie!”


A heartwarming personality, Pomskies are loyal, and fantastic companions.

Vetting Us

Eliminate the guesswork when choosing a puppy—we only breed dogs with proper temperament and health.  All of our dogs go through a rigorous health check and we guarantee every puppy from our breeding program.

Frequent Questions

Still have questions? We have answers.

How much are puppies from Utah Gem Puppies?

Our rehoming fee varies on a variety of factors—breed, gender, coat color and size to name a few. The great thing about our breeding program is we are often able to match families with awesome puppies based on tons of different factors—budget included.

Do you ship puppies out of state?

Yes! A substantial portion of our clients reside outside of the State of Utah.  Because of this we have experience in getting your pooch transported to major airports across the Lower 48 States. You’re also more than welcome to pick up your puppy in person, too.

How do you screen the dogs you breed?

We have strict requirements based on experience, —take a peek at our Breeder Pledge for more information.

Why is Utah Gem Puppies different from other breeders?

The internet has made it easy for backyard breeders and puppy mills to take advantage of both dogs and families who are looking for a dog. We are on a mission to make it easy for families like yours to wade through all of the risk on the web.  All of the dogs in our breeding program are health checked, never over bread and raised in a family environment with children and other pets.

 What is a puppy mill?

Puppy mills are  basically a factory for dogs. At mills, dogs are treated like machines and forced to produce litter after litter of unhealthy puppies until they’re no longer useful. These puppies are known to be sickly and and antisocial, costing their new owners roughly $5000 in added vet bills…and these pups also have drastically shorter lifespans.

Which breeds can I find at Utah Gem Puppies?

We work with all types of dogs, from purebreds like , French Bulldogs, Standard Poodles, and silly Old English Sheepdogs, to gorgeous “designer” breeds like the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle. Take a look at our featured breeds for more info on our breeders’ available puppies.

What is the Application process?

The Application  process discovers exactly which type of dog would be perfect for you and your family.

 How do I know I can trust you?

Scams are common online. After you fill our application we review it and call you to get to know you and during this process you also get to know us.  We also have references available upon request from several happy families who have worked with us in the past.

     Apply for a Puppy

Ready to find the perfect puppy? Applications are totally FREE and take less than 5 minutes. Tell us a little about yourself, and let’s get your search started right now!